Lighting design & consultancy


Illuminating Possibility is an independent specialist lighting design and consultancy practice with its head office in Perth, Western Australia.


We are a team of dedicated and enthusiastic lighting professionals with a passion for using light to enhance and evoke emotive responses within the design space.


Not only do we use light to illuminate objects and design spaces, our integrated lighting installations are also an art form and design layer in their own right.


The multi-talented team at Illuminating Possibility are able to provide unique lighting and theatrical solutions for a variety of different applications.


We are committed to providing the best service and unbiased advice possible, to ensure your project is both successful and memorable.


Our services are available for projects on a local, national and global scale. Please contact us for further information.




Illuminating Possibility is the innovation of its founder and Managing Director, Matthew Nankivell.


Matthew holds a Master’s Degree in Lighting from the Queensland University of Technology. He is an Associate Member with the Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand and also has a Bachelor of Musical Arts from the University of Western Australia.


Matthew's artistic and creative talents, coupled with his advanced technical knowledge and skills give him the expertise to produce unique lighting designs of a world class standard.


Matthew is extremely passionate, highly respected and widely sought after. He has designed and created a wide variety of lighting concepts for architectural, theatrical, entertainment, and hospitality applications.



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