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Our services are available for projects on a local, national and global scale.


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Lighting Design


Illuminating Possibility offer a full lighting design service, from the initial conceptual ideas right through to the implemented and completed product. Our team has a comprehensive and diverse range of expertise, incorporating multiple disciplines which enables us to deliver a unique lighting package to suit every project.


We offer design services in the following areas:


Exterior Design:







Interior Design:











Theatrical Design:









• Building Façade

• Parks and Gardens

• Arenas and Stadiums

• Signage



• Public Precinct

• Sports Fields

• Ski Slopes and Resorts

• Heritage Sites



• Residential

• Museums

• Hotels

• Cinemas

• Showrooms

• Public Spaces

• Retail Spaces



• Commercial

• Restaurants

• Art Galleries

• Bars

• Foyers

• Offices

• Heritage Sites



• Theatrical Venues

• Festivals

• Event Sites

• Live Music Concerts



• Theatrical Shows

• Corporate Events

• Live Music Venues

• Nightclubs



Lighting Consultancy



If you do not require our full design service Illuminating Possibility can provide consultancy for all commercial, residential and industrial projects. We keep abreast of the latest regulations, technologies and innovations to ensure we can provide the best and most up to date advice possible.


Some of the services we offer include:










• Design guides and specifications

• Equipment recommendations and appraisals

• Lighting control options

• Inspections of existing systems

• Lighting audits and reports

• Sustainability studies

• Light measurement

• Light maintenance programs

• Improvements and recommendations

• Day lighting designs and integration options

• Australian Standards compliance inspections


Theatrical Consultancy



Illuminating Possibility offer a wide variety of theatrical services across all sectors ranging from:-







Our team includes experts who have all worked in the entertainment industry and understand the daily challenges of running a successful venue.  We can provide a full integrated service or tailor a package of specific skills to suit your project.



We offer Theatrical Consultancy in the following areas:























• Venue planning, design and construction

• Technical systems upgrades

• Equipment recommendations

• Feasibility studies

• Audits and reports

• Project facilitation

• Theatrical lighting infrastructure and control system design

• Production sound infrastructure and control system design

• Stage management system design

• Video systems design

• Stage furnishings specifications

• Stage machinery design

• Musical instrument recommendations

• Technical and production training

• intimate spaces for music and drama to large performing arts centres

• media production studios to high quality broadcast TV studios

• conference and exhibition centres to entertainment arenas


Lighting Programming



Illuminating Possibility have a team of highly experienced lighting programmers who are well versed in a variety of different lighting control interfaces and are available to program and operate any lighting installation.


We can program new installations from scratch and update any existing installations to give them a new lease of life.  We also offer programming services for the entire entertainment industry.











Not only can we design your lighting system, Illuminating Possibility can also install it for you.


We work with a large team of A Class electricians, lighting technicians, riggers and tradespeople who are able to fully install and commission your new lighting system and provide upgrades to all existing lighting infrastructure.



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